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End-to-End Encryption

About this app

G'day, mate! Introducing Dinkr Messaging, the Aussie-made private messaging app that respects your privacy and keeps your chats secure. Developed Down Under with the true blue spirit of mateship, Dinkr Messaging lets you connect with friends, family, and colleagues without compromising your personal information.

Why choose Dinkr Messaging?

• Minimal Data Approach: All you need to sign up is a username and a password. No personal details required, so you can chat with peace of mind.

• End-to-End Encryption: Your messages, photos, and videos are protected with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only you and the intended recipient can access them.

• Cross-Platform Compatibility: Dinkr Messaging works seamlessly on iOS devices, so you can stay connected no matter what device you're using.

• Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy an ad-free environment and focus on what matters most - your conversations with your mates.

• Aussie-Made: Developed in Australia, Dinkr Messaging embodies the true spirit of freedom and mateship, offering a unique private messaging experience.

Ready to experience the Aussie way of secure messaging? Download Dinkr Messaging now and start enjoying the freedom and privacy of chatting without compromising your personal information. And if you ever need a hand, our friendly support team is just an email away at [email protected].

Join the Dinkr family today and discover private messaging, fair dinkum!