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Merge Axe

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Merge Axes and get more varieties

About this game

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through an enchanting realm, where the possibilities are endless! With a staggering collection of over 50 unique Axes waiting to be discovered, this dreamlike game offers an immersive experience like no other. Are you ready to unlock all kinds of Axes and forge your own legendary path as an idle blacksmith master?

How to play:

Step into the shoes of a novice blacksmith and let the adventure unfold
Begin your quest by acquiring a few Axes from the humble beginnings of your shop.
Merge identical Axes to create even more formidable and extraordinary variations.
As you witness the evolution of your Axes, you'll witness the birth of a mighty forging empire, built by your hands alone.

Tips to guide your way:

Remember, the higher the level of your Axes, the more precious coins they will produce. So aim high and watch your profits soar!
Every time you merge Axes, your blacksmith's shop gains valuable experience points, propelling it to new heights of success. The higher the level of your shop, the more prestigious it becomes.
Expand your horizons by acquiring additional Axes and upgrading your forging place. With each expansion, the possibilities for wealth and power multiply, allowing you to dominate the realm of blacksmithing.
Unleash your creativity and witness the magic unfold as you combine Axes of unimaginable quality. Craft the legendary and awe-inspiring blades that heroes would wield with pride. Dive into the depths of strategy as you navigate the intricate world of resource management and trade with cunning Goblins. Will you outsmart them to amass a fortune, or will you strike a bargain that secures your dominance?

Immerse yourself in the captivating melodies that accompany your journey, awakening your senses to the symphony of forging. With each swing of the hammer and clinking of metal, your heart resonates with the passion of a true master craftsman.

Download now and let the realm of axes and gold unfold before your eyes. Embrace the addictive allure of this idle merge game and build an empire that will be whispered about for generations to come. The destiny of the blacksmithing world lies within your hands. Are you ready to shape it?

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