Master Craft: Block World 3D

Master Craft: Block World 3D

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Build your own block craft city in blocky world!

About this game

Unleash your creativity and inner city builder in Master Craft: Block World 3D! This is no wifi game, multiplayer and survival blocky craft game that throws you into a limitless world where you can design your mini craft block dream city without the internet.
Become the architect of your minicraft destiny:
Craft massive square block to build any things you want in minicraft city.
Immerse yourself in a blocky craft world that simulation the real world: Explore lush tropical jungles, brave the vast desert under ever-changing seasons, witness rain cycles, witness grass grow, and encounter lifelike animals and majestic mountains.
Master the art of cube crafting: Hundreds of unique cubes, block each with its own properties, await your discovery in block craft city and craft building game.
Let your imagination soar: No dream is too big! Build the minicraft city of your dreams, from charming cottages to bustling metropolises. Your ingenuity is the only limit in multicraft.
Beyond building, adventure awaits:
Dive into captivating mini-games: Test your mettle against challenging puzzles and monster craft, survival craft in various engaging mini-games of block craft city and explore block world.
Befriend adorable 2D pets: Work hard, earn rewards, and unlock your very own lucky village pet! These loyal companions will add life and joy to your creations.
Survive and conquer: Put your skills to the test in thrilling survival multiplayer craft mode! Flee from monstrous threats, overcome cunning traps, and battle other players in epic confrontations. Hone your aiming, dodging and weapon wielding skills to emerge victorious.
Every detail matters: Uncover the secrets of simulation to ultimate victory. Master the art of targeting your opponent's weak spots, equip yourself with cutting-edge armor, and upgrade your defenses to become an unstoppable force in a square block - craft building game.
Explore block world: Building the city, village and battle monster craft - survival craft in a building game, no wifi game and multicraft mode.
Join the blocky world of Master Craft: Block World 3D with multiplayer craft and embark on your ultimate building adventure! Craft, explore, survive, and conquer - the world is your canvas. What will you build today?

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