Crazy Idiom - 疯狂猜成语
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Crazy Idiom - 疯狂猜成语

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educational and brain-invigorating game of guessing idioms in Chinese

About this game

"Crazy Guess Idioms" is an all-Chinese puzzle game. You can experience the charm of Chinese cultural idioms with your friends. You can also share, ask for help and challenge your friends through WeChat to see who is the best , The true inheritor of Chinese culture who learns to be rich in five cars. Chinese culture has a long history, and idioms are the essence of Chinese civilization. You may not be able to guess the idioms represented by the pictures in the game even though you speak the words.
【feature of product】
1.400+ levels for you to play
2. You can ask your friends to help you to come up with idioms
3. You can spend gold coins to get idiom answers
4. Leaderboards and Achievements

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