Sling Fling 3D: Slingshot
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Sling Fling 3D: Slingshot

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  • Areeza Studio

You will have a lot of fun and enjoy this slingshot game in 3D world.

About this game

This is a slingshot game with different amazing levels. Play and enjoy the imaginative world knock down the enemies and smash them, test your skills just drag your finger on the screen and knock the enemies down with many different cartoony weapon and balls.

This game has many different levels and different cartoony weapons and balls.

You will enjoy this game you just need to drag your finger and hit the enemies and knock them down, in starting of this slingshot game you will have basic and simple levels as you progress with levels you will get more and more advance levels you can destroy and smash buildings, such as Hostel, Restaurants, Shops, Ice Cream shops, Park, Play Area, Work Shop, Gas Station, Shopping Mall, Tea Area, Festival Occasion and many more with the different sling shot weapons.

Destroy the enemies.

In this easy to play game you will have endless fun, try to test your skills and then become the slingshot master eventually! You will have a lot of fun just play and kill the enemies using the different balls and you can also upgrade the balls as well.

Just aim by dragging your finger target through the slingshot on enemies and knock them down and enjoy the game, the levels are very creative. You can unlock many different weapons and balls such as cartoony weapons and balls like fire ball, bomb and others, some buildings has glass windows you can smash those buildings and break windows as well, and some enemies will be behind the objects so don't miss them find them aim through the sling shot on them and knock them down and smash them, progress with the levels and have a lot of fun.

Smash the environment and destroy the enemies and test your sling shot skills in multiple levels and win the game!

Become the king and the great player of this slingshot game!

Key Features:
• Amazing 3D Graphics
• Different creative levels
• Many different Slingshots (Cartoony Weapons)
• Many different balls

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