Block Puzzle:Bloom Journey
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Block Puzzle:Bloom Journey

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Block Bloom is a classic puzzle game, you can enjoy the fun Block Bloom journey!

About this game

Block Bloom is a classic and special block puzzle game. It's addictive to solve puzzles again and again, and relax in one colorful elimination effect after another!

💥Game Features:
• A classic block-break puzzle game for all ages.
• No wifi required, play anywhere anytime.
• Free access to a variety of beautiful game themes
• Permanently free and unlimited upgrades to become a master of blasting.

�How to play:
• Drag and drop blocks into the 8x8 grid.
• Fill entire rows or columns with blocks to automatically eliminate explosions.
• If the blocks cannot be placed, the game is over.
• Cubes cannot be realized, which is more challenging and interesting.

🏆How to become a master:
• Make reasonable use of the blank space on the chessboard and plan the chess games that you want to eliminate.
• Get higher scores by clearing multiple rows at once or clearing the board.
• Plan ahead for future games, not just eliminate 1 row or 1 column.

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