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Arena is best played on mobile!

About this game

Answer the Star's Call
A real-time battle royale deathmatch between star guardians who protect the constellations!

Equip equipment with special abilities, play as various guardians, and create your own fighting style
You can enjoy exciting battles with “Star Guardian: Arena” anytime, anywhere and bring indescribable anger to other users!

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▶The emergence of a game where you can enjoy battle royale in real-time online!
Star Guardian: Take part in a real-time battle royale with Arena!

▶Enjoy competitive mode with a variety of guardians and gorgeous graphics!
Choose your own guardian from 30 different types and participate in battle together!

▶Armed with a variety of equipment and synergies!
Gain a new experience every time with 129 types of equipment!

▶Real-time survival mode, story mode!
Defeat monsters pouring in from all directions, survive, and grow!

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Official site: https://game.naver.com/lounge/stellar_guardians_arena/home

Operating policy: https://naver.me/x8EwD1yS

Developer contact: [email protected]

Business registration number: 354-87-01436

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