Merge Robot: Monster War

Merge Robot: Monster War

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Merge monsters and robots, to create ultimate army! Fight other players!

About this game

Merge Robot: Monster War, the ultimate merge battle game! In this game, you'll collect and merge monsters and robot units to create a powerful monster army to take on your opponents.

Monsters are melee units that will charge into battle and attack their enemies up close. They're strong, but they can be slow and vulnerable to ranged attacks. Robots are ranged units that will attack their enemies from afar. They're quick, but they're not as strong as monsters.

To win battles, you'll need to merge your monster units to create more powerful versions. For example, merging two level 1 monsters will create a level 2 monster. Merging two level 2 monsters will create a level 3 monster.

Gameplay of Merge Robot: Monster War:
- To create a powerful army, merge monsters and robots of the same level together, the higher the level of the monster or robot, the stronger your army!
- You can fight against bosses! This mode will open after level 10! Be careful, bosses require a strong army! Use different tactics and approach the battle wisely!
- You can take part in PvP battles! This mode opens after level 15. Fight in tournaments against players and receive valuable rewards for winning places!

Merge Robot: Monster War highlight features:
- Collect a variety of monster and robot units.
- Merge your units to create more powerful versions of the monster.
- Strategically deploy your monster army on the battlefield, exploiting enemy weaknesses and maximizing your own strengths.
- Play different modes, go through endless waves of enemies, improve your army with every battle!
- Defeat all bosses!
- Compete against other players in PvP battles.