Pull Pin Master

Pull Pin Master

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pin moves, avoid bombs and complete pin moves to advance in the Rescue Puzzle

About this game

Pull Pin Master is a complex puzzle game full of innovative levels that challenge your brain

Play this addictive pin-pulling game offline! Solve the tricky puzzles with logical thinking and bring the colored ball to safety in this pull-pin game.

🎮 Are you the king of puzzle games? Are you looking for relaxation, decompression, and visual enjoyment? Congratulations! Pin Puzzle: Pull Pin Master is the perfect blend of relaxation, brainstorming, and achievement. Test your logical thinking skills in this challenging pin-pull puzzle game.

Go on a journey to get the ball! Pull Pins Out with simple yet addictive gameplay. As you level up, the game gets harder. Think strategically to prevent the "boom" and restart. Can you master the Pin Puzzle?

🔍 Challenge yourself! Smartly arrange pin moves, avoid bombs and complete pin moves to advance in the Rescue Puzzle. Think before you pull to ensure the colored balls reach the bucket safely.

💫 Enjoy the Pull Pin Master Puzzle game:
1. Pull the pins to guide the colored balls into the bucket.
2. Plan your moves to avoid wrong directions.
3. Combine colored balls with gray in Pull The Needle.
4. Watch out for bombs in Needle Pull.
5. Complete the pin pull to progress in the Rescue Puzzle.

Think strategically! The simple interface requires players to plan escape routes. Pull the pin correctly to make the colored ball escape. It's challenging but fun!

🎯 Unlock levels! If you like pin-pulling games, explore our challenging levels. Use pop core props to help you think. No limits - challenge yourself with countless levels!
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If you are a fan of pin-pull games, you need a clear "Pull It Down" game strategy. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of pin games in "Pull Pin Master". Unlock new levels by mastering pin pulls and up your game with pop core props. No limits - challenge yourself with our multitude of levels designed for endless enjoyment!