Bird Idle: Relaxing Birdsong

Bird Idle: Relaxing Birdsong

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Chill talking bird. Bird song. Hatch rest: bird watching & breeding. Bird sounds

About this game

Bird Idle: Relax Birdsong a simulation game that brings the idle theme park of bird watching and breeding. In this satisfying game blend of simulation and aesthetic idle game, you can relax in a virtual forest, enjoy calming bird sounds, and engage in the rewarding process of hatching various breeds. Perfect for those who love nature and relaxing music.

Key features of Bird Idle: Relaxing Birdsong:
🐦Relaxing sensory idle game: Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the isle while you play this idle clicker.
🦅 Simulator: Experience the wildlife of a bird watcher and breeder in this simulation. Hatch, nurture and watch sons of the bird land.
🦉 ASMR and ADHD: Find peace and tranquility with AMSR elements designed to calm your mind and reduce stress.
🦅 Offline simulation for free: Enjoy the melody of the forest anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.
🐦 Calming sleeping sounds free: Use the in-clicker animal sounds as sleep sounds at bedtime to help you drift off to a peaceful slumber.
🦆Anxiety relief & antistress: Bird Idle: Relaxing Birdsong is designed to help alleviate anxiety with its soothing gameplay and serene environment.
🦉 Idle zoo watching and breeding: Engage watching and breeding, from finches to hummingbirds, and discover rare species.
🐣 For bird lovers: Do you want to raise a little chick from an egg and watch it become a Bald Eagle or American Robin? Want to know what a blue jay or pheasant looks like? And other bird species?
🦉 Nature sleep sounds and wonder zoo harmony helper: Immerse yourself in the harmony of nature sounds and relax melodies, perfect for mindfulness and relaxation.
🕊️ Mental health & destress: Ideal for those looking for a stress relief game to calm their mind and enjoy a peaceful gaming experience.
🦜 Collecting game: сollect different breeds of birds and bird calls.

Engage in breeding to hatch new fowls, and watch them grow. Enjoy the relaxing mechanics, whether you're an idle clicker enthusiast or looking for a cozy game to pass the time.

Bird Idle: Relax Birdsong is perfect for those seeking relaxation, anxiety relief, and a touch of serenity in their daily lives. Let the peaceful sounds of the fantasy forest bring harmony to your paradise!