UfoFun - Bunny Kick

UfoFun - Bunny Kick

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The bunny in UFO protects our Earth. Fly with him and hit aliens and spiders!

About this game

Green aliens have captured the Earth to suck all the energy out of it. A simple bunny from the forest manages to steal one of the plates right from under the noses of the invaders. Now he alone has to protect our Earth.

Purpose of the game
To pass the level you need to destroy all aliens and spiders, as well as destroy all alien objects. Dodge shots and jumping spiders. Shoot from laser guns, throw bombs or just hit them with a flying saucer. Be sure to collect coins, they will be useful to upgrade new UFOs.

Hold your phone vertically with both hands. By clicking on the left half of the screen, the UFO will move to the left. When you press the right half - to the right side. The red button at the bottom of the screen is for hitting. When a flying saucer is over an alien or spider, laser guns are automatically fired.

Main functions
• movement along the level in two directions;
• hit by a flying saucer;
• automatic firing with laser guns;
• dropping a bomb of mass destruction;
• destruction of aliens, spiders and alien objects;
• collecting coins and bombs;
• selection and upgrade of available flying saucers;
• choosing a location for the game from the available levels;
• Play offline - no internet connection required!

• Forest;
• Desert;
• Winter;
• Jungle;
• Savannah.

Flying saucers
At the beginning of the game there are three flying saucers available. As you progress through the game, new UFOs will open. A total of eight UFOs have been developed. After each battle, a damaged flying saucer needs time to recover. This time depends on the level of damage received. Upgrade all available flying saucers evenly so that they are ready for new battles.

Each location has its own individual boss. At the beginning of the locations, the boss will fly by, releasing mines. It is impossible to destroy it at these moments. Towards the end of the location, a boss may appear that you can fight with. The boss can only be destroyed with laser guns.

The alien is a green alien, running around the level and shooting at a flying saucer. The player needs to dodge the shots and hit him. You can destroy the alien with laser guns or a blow from a flying saucer. At the same time, the alien can dodge the blow. When an alien is defeated, a spider will pop out;

Alien in the ground - only the alien's head appears from under the ground. You can only hit him with a flying saucer strike.

Spider – can run on the ground and jump on UFO. If a spider attaches to a flying saucer, the flying saucer will take damage. The longer the spider sits on the flying saucer, the more damage it will cause. To throw the spider off, you need to hit the ground with a flying saucer. The spider can only be destroyed with laser guns. Spiders can be invisible. When a spider is defeated, a coin may appear, but this is a rare reward!

The pump and the flask pump out energy from the Earth. To complete the level you must destroy them. To do this, you need to hit them several times with a flying saucer.

The cubes blink alternately in red and green. If you hit a green cube with a flying saucer, a coin will appear from it. If you hit the red one, a spider will pop out instead of a coin. To complete the level you must destroy all the cubes.

Bunker – Hit the bunker several times to destroy it. After this, aliens will come out of the bunker.

Container – the container cannot be destroyed. When a flying saucer hits a container, aliens will run out of it. After some time they will return back.

Mines – try not to get into mines. They do a lot of damage!

Level limiters - when the flying saucer goes beyond the level boundaries, the limiter is triggered. The flying saucer is electrocuted and crashes. This does not cause damage to the player.

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