EscapeGame Snowy Onsen
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EscapeGame Snowy Onsen

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Escape from a snowy onsen. Escape game from ArayashikiGame.

About this game

This is an escape game set in a hot spring located deep in the snowy mountains!

I took a vacation and came to a hot spring.
I want to relax in the best hot spring and relieve the fatigue of work.
According to what I heard, you can enjoy not only the hot spring but also solving riddles at this inn......

【How to play】
・Tap a suspicious place to investigate.
・Tap an item to hold it in your hand.
・Double-tap an item to enlarge it.
・Double-tap an item to zoom in on it.
・If you have many items, you can scroll the item column horizontally.
・If you get stuck, check the hint in the upper right corner of the screen!

【Other features】
・Progress is automatically saved.
・You can play for free until the end.

Thank you very much for your reviews, they motivate me to create more!

【Music provided by】
・Sound Effects Labo(効果音ラボ)
・The soul of the demon king(魔王魂)
 "花見舟" by のる

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