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A voice chat and social platform where beautiful voices gather!

About this app

Twinkle - The ultra-real voice chat and social platform where beautiful voices gather!
Join Twinkle, where you can quickly find your favorite voices in voice chat rooms. Whether it's a cute, mature, or ethereal voice, we've got it all.
In Twinkle, you can sing, chat, and play games with your favorite people, eliminating unhappiness and making friends easily~

- [Group Chat Parties] Engage in lively group voice chats, connect with new friends through microphone interactions, discover interesting voices, and enjoy various activities like cross-room PK to spice things up!
- [Solo Radio] Cozy radio shows accompany you every night, bidding farewell to loneliness.
- [Online Song Requests] Massive streamers passionately singing, online concerts to lift your spirits, making your listening experience delightful and enjoyable.
- [Online Chat] When you encounter a voice you like, don't hesitate to say hello and have a one-on-one heart-to-heart chat!

Come to Twinkle, meet more interesting friends, and expand your high-quality social circle!

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