راقي: إعلانات محلية في بغداد

راقي: إعلانات محلية في بغداد

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Buy and sell easily with Raqi: thousands of ads at the best prices, free to use

About this app

Looking for a property? Do you want to change your car? Do you want to change your phone? Want to update your home furniture?
Classy to suit you! Buy and sell easily with Raqi. Thousands of real ads at the best prices. Free to use.

Here at Raqi, you can see ads related to real estate, cars, electronics, and home appliances with the best prices, and you can advertise anything you want, and you can sell it easily and in the fastest way, for free.

If you are a buyer:
In Raqi, you can communicate directly with the original owner, without any intermediary. You can reach the product you want in the safest way and at the best prices in any area of ​​Baghdad.
Raqi allows you to find the ad closest to you from a large number of ads that contain sufficient information, including the product image, phone number, and price in the categories of real estate, cars, electrical appliances, and home furniture, at a reasonable price compared to anywhere else, and in the easiest way to communicate with the product owner.
At Raqi, you can easily search for the product and service you want from thousands of approved ads, and with the help of artificial intelligence, you can find what you want in the shortest time possible.

If you are a seller:
A trader and you have a property that you want to sell, or you have a device at home and what you need, or if you want to change your car, or you want to renew the furniture in your home, or even if you have a phone and you want to sell it and anything else, then Raqi is the right place for you and you can sell your goods and all your work. !
All you have to do is log into the Raqi app, upload photos of your product, and write the price along with a few lines of description so that your ad spreads for free and is displayed to thousands of Raqi users. People can easily find your product and contact you.

Join Raqi so you can find anything in the easiest way possible with complete information and offer your products for sale to thousands of people as quickly as possible!

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